2016 Moon Festival San Diego

Saturday, September 10, 2016 @ 6PM

Organ Pavilion Balboa Park

About Us

The House of China (HOC) was organized in 1935 to present, promote, and preserve Chinese culture, friendship and understanding. As a member of the House of Pacific Relations, International Cottages, the HOC provides an important civic function through cultural open houses, sponsorship of programs, civic participation, school presentations, social service, advocacy, and cooperation with Chinese-American community, and visiting guests. We are a non-profit 501c3 non-profit organization 27-4357629.

Each Sunday afternoon, cultural open houses are maintained in our facilities in Balboa Park (Southeast of the Organ Pavilion). Seasonal programs and social events are held during Spring Festival, Dragon Boat season, Moon Festival and other special occasions.

Anyone interested in Chinese culture and friendship and in the purpose of the House of China is welcome to join. For information, please visit our website site www.HouseofChinaSD,com or phone (858) 699-1900.

中國館是在一九三五年設立至今,它的任務是促進和保存中國文化及支援友誼和使大家彼此了解,一同和平相處,是一個不謀利的501(c) 3公民機構。既無城市基金支持也沒任何捐款。

它是在聖地牙哥的 Balboa 公園,太平洋聯合會的國際村的會員之一。 中國館提供各種各樣的中國文化節目活動,它有參與市中心的節目,學校運動,還有和華人社區各會合作, 招待外地來的貴賓。

每一個星期日下午,國際村都開放給大家參觀,歡迎參觀中國館的陳設和節目包括﹕中國文化,新年,端午,中秋節等,在其它特別節日我們也會有活動,我們經常也寄出中國館有關華人社區的活動節目表。 歡迎大家成為中國館會員 。 請到我們的網頁www.HouseofChinaSD.com 去看。

董事會董事﹕周麗君–會長,薛顯榮–副會長,孟憲嘉–副會長,羅黔輝–秘書,徐惠寶–司 庫 ,戚怡萍,李玲, 陳葉青,楊耀民,李淑真,黃美恩,洪梅紅,馮羅愛真,何立扬,Sharon Dare –副司庫。