While Westerns talk about the Man in the Moon, Chinese talk about the Lady in the Moon.  Folklore associated with Moon Festival is that Hou-Yih, a master architect, build a celestial palace for the sky goddess.  As a reward to the architect, the goddess gave him an elixir of youth.  The elixir of youth was only to be drunk by Hou-Yih.

 Chang-Oh, was Hou-Yih’s ever curious and beautiful wife.  One day she stole the exilar and drank the potion.  As soon as she drank the potion, Chang-Oh immediately ascended to the moon.  There her beauty is maintained but she was forever banished to live on the Moon.


At one time China was ruled by Mongols.  The Chinese people were very unhappy by this situation.  The Chinese were banned from public gatherings and so it was not possible to gather to plot a rebellion.  One clever person conceived of a plot to stage a rebellion however,

The Chinese celebrated harvest time by baking Moon Cakes and distributing them as gifts to friends.  The Mongols did not observe this custom.  The Clever Man told the Mongols that in honor of the Mongol King, he wanted to distribute thousands of Moon Cakes.  So what he did was to insert inside the cakes a message to the Chinese to rise up in arms on a designated date and time to rebel.